Dev Blog - Scanning, Cheating, and Mapping

by User Not Found | Aug 05, 2013


>>"I have a problem with Hirez scanning my computer when I'm not playing the game"

Understood. However, Hi-Rez policy has always been to scan only when our games are being played. 

Players are rightly sensitive to privacy and any threat of 'scanning'. I apologize that our initial response to this concern focused more around the legalese and seemed to duck the actual technical implementation. 

So, to clarify, neither Tribes nor SMITE nor Global Agenda nor HiRezLauncher care what software you are using while not in one of our games. And we do not scan your computer if our games are not running.

In order to help combat hacking&cheating we do scan for black-listed programs while our games are active. If you see process activity from HiRezLauncher at other times that is related to checking for patches; and this background loading can be disabled via a user option if you prefer.


>>"Cheating on low level pub servers is really getting out of hand"

Agreed. After double-confirming the technical implementation described above, we reviewed the cheat logs. Through a combination of player reports, video-evidence, automated detection (only while the game Tribes is running), and tireless efforts by APC, we detected and banned over 150 accounts this week.


A few weeks ago Hi-Rez announced that no major content updates were planned for Tribes in the next six months. We followed that up with community discussion (Behind The Blue Plate - 7/17) about exploring paths for community created content, which has been asked for since we first started development on T:A and has always been a huge part of the Tribes franchise.

After scoping it out we see a path for:
1. user-owned/maintained servers and
2. custom maps and map-lists on those server

We will be working on introducing this support into Tribes: Ascend but there is no timeline yet for it's delivery.

After a programmer has been assigned and started implementation there will be additional communication but that is still a few weeks away.