NATL Season 2 Pro League Group Stage: Vexillifer vs Texas Militia

by Hirez APC | May 23, 2013
With games being played every Monday - Thursday, this means tonight will be the last Pro League match-up of the week. But don't you worry. We have another 6 weeks of NATL ahead of us! But before we start week 3, tonight's game will be between Vexillifer vs Texas Militia on Tartarus, DryDock and Canyon Crusade.

This game looks one sided when you first look at it since Vexillifer is arguably the best team in North America at the moment as they won last season of NATL. Texas Militia, on the other hand, just joined the Pro League from their successful performance in the House League. I guess you can look at this game as the best team in the Pro League vs the best team in the House League from last season. Most players are putting their shazbucks on Vexillifer assuming its a safe bet, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Texas Militia show up with some tricks up their sleeves.

You can watch and see this match on starting at 10:00pm EDT with w1nters and remiCs on the mic. All 3 maps will be played and broken down by these two casters. If you have any questions, we always have the chat filled with Tribes veterans who would love to assist you. There's no reason not to be there!