Wilderzone.org Version 2.0 is now Live!

by Hirez APC | May 01, 2013
The second version of Wilderzone.org is finally live!

The Wilderzone is a community developed site that uses the latest Tribes API data along with up to date streams, videos and news articles. If you're looking for a specific video such as a tutorial on how to cap or a montage involving mortars - this site helps you find these easily.

Not only that, there are also player stat leaderboards! As long as you completed 1,000 matches, you will be able to see where you are ranked within the community in a variety of leaderboards such as the total number of midairs, average flag returns per match and many more.

Props to Homes from Team idk? and Howsya AKA KaosTheory for putting together such an amazing site.

Go and visit http://www.Wilderzone.org now! Let us know what you think and any feedback you may have.