Behind the Blueplate: Episode 42

by Hirez APC | May 01, 2013
Today we have another show of Behind the Blueplate with the wonderful DocMatrix and Stowaway! Plenty of great panelists today talking about the latest and greatest in Tribes Ascend currently. Read up on what Stowaway has planned for everyone tonight:

"Hi there Tribes fans, it's Behind the Blue Plate night! Myself and Docmatrix will be joined by Homes of team idk?, Kokook from team Dirty Little Secrets and the legendary remiCs of team 5150.

We will also be joined by RingoKid from Denial Esports who will be talking about their recent acquisition of team 5150 to their team roster!

We'll be catching up on some general news and issues from the week, including maps/ physics testing, and the news on Juzzo's next Suck-A-Tourney!

So tune in tonight at 3:00pm EDT/21:00 CEST at for all the BTBP fun <3"

Don't miss out on the excitement! There's always a chance or two to win some giveaways as well.