GameShrine's European Pro League Semi-Final's: I Don't Know? vs Aurum

by Hirez APC | Apr 18, 2013

Tonight's match is a special one. And not because it's between two top notch teams. It's because the weekly podcast show "Behind the Blueplate" has been reschedule to today in order to give this game proper coverage. Here's a message from the host, DocMatrix:

"This week we're rescheduling Behind the Blue Plate slightly in order to bring you coverage of the semi final between idk? and Aurum.

It's going to be a massive match, with Aurum completely cleaning up their Division 2 group stages, and idk? coming a close second in theirs to Vertigo. Aurum has been playing phenomenally well recently, and idk? are showing strong presence as always. These two are going to clash for the chance for the big prize ($2500) in the Grand Final vs Vertigo on Sunday. So will we see a changing of the guard, and a new contender of Aurum face off against the reformed Heartbreakers? Or will it be the classic rivalry yet again? There's only one way to find out, and that's to tune in at 20:30 CEST / 2:30pm EDT TONIGHT on the Tribes Ascend Twitch Channel.

After the cast, we'll bring you a shortened version of the classic Behind the Blue Plate show, where we'll cover any big news that has crept up in the past week and if there's time open up the phones for any questions you guys might have.

It's going to be an exciting show, so don't miss it!"