2v2 Honorfusor Arena Cup

by Hirez APC | Apr 12, 2013

The 2v2 Honorfusor Arena Cup is a community ran tournament in both the North American region as well as the European region. The rules are simple: Explosives only. No automatics. No Snipers, Infiltrators, Technicians or Doombringers. Other than that, everything else is fair games!


The North American Cup already went through the round robin and will be playing the playoffs throughout the weekend between 8:00pm EDT to 11:00pm EDT.

The European Cup will start and commence this weekend with the Group Stage starting this weekend around 19:00 CET and lasting until 23:00 CET on both Saturday and Sunday.


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And you can catch all the action all day Saturday and Sunday on our official Tribes Ascend Twitch channel: www.Twitch.tv/TribesAscend