GameShrine's European Pro League Group Stage: Vertigo vs 1-up!

by Hirez APC | Apr 09, 2013
It's time for the third and final round of the EUTL Pro League!

Tonight we have a fight for honor, as the #1 in their group, Vertigo face off against #4 in their group, 1UP.

Vertigo will be looking to continue their unbeaten run in the EUTL Pro League Group Stages, whereas 1UP will be looking to have a chance at making it to the playoffs. 1UP have to win at least 2 maps tonight to have any fighting chance of finishing above their closest rival, nM, and then only if nM get swept by idk? in their match later this week.

1UP will be hungrier than ever with their Pro League tournament life on the line, so don't miss this hard fought battle on the grounds of Katabatic, Sunstar and Bella Omega over at the Tribes Ascend Twitch Channel - kicking off at 3:00pm EDT/21:00 CET.