GameShrine's European Pro League Group Stage: 1-up! vs idk?

by Hirez APC | Apr 04, 2013
Two established teams in the European community both with unique names will be going head to head tonight in the second round of the EUTL Group Stage. idk? has been known as once of the strongest teams in the European scene winning a few previous tournaments, but last week they lost to the newly formed team Vertigo. It was a surprise to everyone last week. Let's see if 1-up! can throw another curve ball this early in the competition.

Join DocLettuce as he shoutcasts this game by himself with the love production of Grimble live on at 21:00CET / 3:00pm EDT.

Learn more about the European Tribes League and its $2500 prize pool over at There's plenty of European Tribes competition on that side of the internet along with fun ways to stay involved with the community such as the betting feature with "Shazbucks". Get involved today and check out tonight's match up!