NATribes Pro League Winner Bracket Finals: Vexillifer vs Team 5150

by Hirez APC | Apr 02, 2013
Tonight's a big night for the competitive scene in Tribes Ascend. These are the two titans in the game currently and they will be going head to head to advance to the grand finals. Who ever wins will be guaranteed at least 2nd place whereas the other team will have to go against zFz in order to stay in the fight for the top prize.

Team 5150 has been a very successful team in the past, previously known as Monomaniac eSports. They've won competitions at NASL Season 2, CSN's 1st Tribes tournament and placed in the top 3 in others. Vexillifer on the other hand has yet to win a big title, but with the recent additions to their roster, they have a good chance to walk out of this game as the grand champions. But there's only one way to surely know, so don't miss out on all the action!

Catch tonight's game live on the official Tribes Ascend streaming channel: and join w1nters as he shoutcasts tonights game. All of the action starts at 10:00pm EDT/7:00 PDT so be sure to show up on time in order to catch the full game!