NATribes Pro League Loser Bracket Round 1: Zero Five Zero vs Who Lags Wins

by Hirez APC | Apr 01, 2013
We're coming close to the end of the NATribes League as we head into the final week of the Pro League Playoffs. Tonight we bring you Zero Five Zero against Who Lags Wins in an epic showdown live on

The difference between these two teams are how long they have been established tribes. Zero Five Zero has been around since day 1 of Tribes Ascend packed with a tight group of friends, but don't play nearly as much as they used to. But in the other corner, we have Who Lags Wins who came together from 3 different regions from across the world to show their stuff here in NATL. They've been practicing hard to earn a piece of the $2500 and it sure shows, but their journey through the league may come to an end tonight if they can't keep it together.

Tonight's game will be shoutcasted at the usual time, 10:00pm edt/7:00pm pdt, on the same channel as always: Join all the other Tribes fans by getting involved with the chat and the "Shazbucks" betting system implemented on