NATribes Pro League Semifinals: Team 5150 vs Who Lags Wins

by Hirez APC | Mar 28, 2013

These matches don't stop! Tonight's match up in the NATL Pro League has the famous Team 5150 going up against the newly formed, yet strong Who Lags Wins.

This is a match up that a lot of viewers have been craving! Since Who Lags Wins and Team 5150 were in two different groups during the Group Stage, this will be the first time we see these teams go head to head at a the $2500 prize pool. We seen how much of a power house Team 5150 has been in the past, but with the recent performances of Who Lags Wins, It'll be interesting to see how this one pans out.

So be sure to tune in at 10:00pm edt/7:00 pdt at the same place as always: Show up early and grab a front row seat for the lovely production of Dodgepong with exciting casting of Phr33ky. A good match up. Awesome production. And a fantastic shoutcast. You can't ask for anything better than tonights game!