NATribes Pro League Quarterfinals: Who Lags Wins vs Team Epidemic

by Hirez APC | Mar 26, 2013
Day 2 of the Pro League Quarterfinals are upon us. After the strong performance of Zero Five Zero last night, we on to the next match up: Who Lags Wins vs Team Epidemic.

These two teams have completely different pasts and even players in completely different regions. Team Epidemic has be known for their d-stack stack throughout the months and still hold the position in the recent Tribes competitive scene as one of the top teams. Who Lags Wins is a nearly formed team consisting of Europeans, Americans and Canadians to prove a point in this North American tournament. They certainly have shown to be a strong team throughout the qualifiers and group stage, but this is where every game counts.

There is $2500 on the line and only 3 of the top 6 teams will get a piece of this prize pool. Join w1nters as he shoutcasts tonights game at 10pm est/7pm pst on Are your bodies ready??