Calling all Newbloods! Training workshops are now available for you!

by Hirez APC | Mar 21, 2013

Is the learning curve too much for you in Tribes: Ascend? Is there not enough time in your week to learn on your own? Or are you just looking to expand your knowledge in a particular position? Well here’s the perfect opportunity: Newblood Workshops are back in session for all ages and levels!


With the help of the community and, we have plenty of volunteers that are offering their time and services to show you how to play any position in game. Training will be offered for the following positions: Capper, Offense (LO/Distract), Defense (LD/Chase), Stay at home(HoF) and Sniper.

After the workshops, we will then open up Pickup Games (Learn more at for everyone who attended and support them throughout the games. This will a perfect opportunity to put your training to the test and get a first hand experience of organized team play in Tribes.


These workshops will be March 22 @ 8:00pm est/5:00pm pst as well as March 23 @3:00pm est/12:00pm pst. You're welcome to signup for both times or only one - it's all up to you and your schedule. There is no definitive time on when these will end, so try to stay as long as possible and get a pickup game or two in to put your new skills to the test.


How do you get involved? Well it’s simple! Start by registering an account on From there, go to and apply for what position(s) you are interested in learning and signup for the time(s) that you are able to show up. And that’s about it. All you need to do after that is to show up during the time(s) that you signed up for in the public Mumble and join the appropriate channel - Which will be clearly labeled. The IP and Port for the Mumble server is: IP: // Port: 36085. Having a microphone is required and is the only prerequisite. If you’d like to get more involved with the community, idling and playing with players in this voice chat server will be your best chance for that.

Additional Information.

And if you are reading this and you’re willing to offer some knowledge behind your skill in a particular position, please send me a message here on reddit or email me at and we’ll talk from there. This is all for the better good of not only the game, but our beloved community :)

Much thanks goes out to Iinferno, Slicerdigz and Besneeze for making all of this possible and getting this setup and organized. You guys kickass <3.

We're looking forward to see all the new faces and hope to further expand this dedicated community. If you’re able to attend this event, we can assure you It’ll be much worth your time.