SMITE Fantasy Pro League hosted by ESL

by HiRez Drybear | Aug 27, 2014
The SMITE Pro League starts today at 1:00 PM EDT / 7:00 PM CEST and along with it will start the ESL SMITE Fantasy Pro League! Play for free and make your team of SMITE allstars. Winners will be chosen every week on Mondays for:

1st Place - 3,000 Gems
2nd Place - 1,500 Gems
3rd Place - 500 Gems

When the Pro League is complete winners will be chosen to win (After the 7th Week of Pro League):

1st Place - Xbox One and 5,000 Gems
2nd Place - 5,000 Gems
3rd Place - 3,000 Gems
4th Place - 1,500 Gems
5th Place - 500 Gems

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