#6 Seed: MyoElectric

by User Not Found | Mar 05, 2013


  • Gunmetal (Captain)
  • LetshaveaKiki
  • JeffHindla
  • HairyGN
  • Riddic

Gunmetal has been around since Smite’s beta started. Despite his clear ability, he was never formally placed on a team, and remained a free agent. Motivated, Gunmetal decided he was going to force his way into the scene, one way or another. His obvious skill and love for the game has kept him playing and grinding his skill until it was stone, and with over 2,000 games played, he decided to take matters into his own hands and form his own team. Luckily, his passion for competitive play, and the right group of people meant his efforts were paying off, and immediate success for newly named MyoElectric!

For this team, it’s going to come down to getting aggressive. This team has been getting flack for being defensive and fearful in lane. With major improvements in their early lane gameplay, MyoElectric’s teamwork has never been stronger. Riddic’s control of the map, and awareness is bar-none, and could be compared to anyone on any top level team. And boy, once they get in the grove, the flashy plays made by this team (especially Kiki!) are something to harp about.

In the past six weeks, this team has been slightly outshone by the top 5 teams. Most people familiar with any type of competitive Smite, need no introduction to teams like Root, BLG or Reason. But, MyoElectric refuses to let them steal the show. While the past few sets with the top 5 teams have yielded losses, each game gets progressively closer, and the vast and immediately improvement and adaptation shown by the Hindla’s (Now, Jeff and Hairy!), it’s high time this talented team gets its chance to shine.

MyoElectric was the final team we considered to be truly above the competition. While they still have a bit of ground to make up before being considered by fans to be able to compete with teams like ROOT and Curse, we strongly believe these guys are gonna put on an amazing show right from the get go.