#5 Seed: Reason Gaming

by User Not Found | Mar 05, 2013


  • Keyadrel (Captain)
  • Wolfy
  • HeroGG
  • RXK
  • EMC
  • Narrian (Substitute)

Ranged player and former captain HeroGG was probably Smite’s first community-accepted top player. He and his original roster in Almost Famous (Now, Reason Gaming) were one of the four teams in the beginning to really make a splash in the scene. Lead by team manager, Fixy, Reason Gaming has undergone a complete facelift after having two players leave the team; however, Reason has bounced back, and has compiled a new roster comprised of some of the best talent in the game.

RXK and EMC join the team to little fanfare. Replacing rifts left by Smite superstars Lassiz and MattyPocket, these two members have serious boots to fill. But in their most recent tournament matches, these two still-somewhat-green additions have proven their worth with brilliant plays, great ratios, and amazing teamwork.

We’ve talked about Borderland Gaming, Juice Gaming and sadly saw a departure to Team Agni mid. Reason is hailed as one of founding-fathers to competitive Smite. Definitely one of the most dedicated teams out there, in any e-sport, and from the horse’s mouth, the team has been practicing a ton. “Going hard as hell 6 hours a day.”

“We feel strongly that we're still one of the best teams in SMITE. What better way to prove that than by showing up at one of gaming's largest events and winning? See you all at PAX. - RG”