#4 Seed: Borderland Gaming NA

by User Not Found | Mar 05, 2013


  • Kaeyoh (Captain)
  • Stermes
  • Andinster
  • TheAlpha
  • Scytheman

Borderland Gaming. From the start, BLG has been pushing and pushing, trying to find that perfect roster of dedicated, intelligent players who can push this team to the top. This team has been a fair victim to the “Always a bridesmaid” way of life. Consistently right on the cusp of greatness, this team would lose a player, or drop a close game. It’s been a roller coaster ride for this team; constant trips to the top, only to drop down to the bottom where they would inch their way back up.

Resilient, team manager DemonMachine and co-captain Kaeyoh refused to give up. Trying out dozens of people, this team of underdogs has clawed their way into the limelight. Stermes, Scytheman, Andinster and TheAlpha (formally known as... never mind.) have proven themselves to be brilliant players, but have been hopping teams, looking for a right fit. Well, all these so-called mismatched puzzle pieces have found they fit together quite perfectly on Borderland Gaming!

Coming off an clutch second place in Curse’s tournament (Thanks to a victory over the ever-dominant ROOT Gaming in Semi-Finals), this team is proving to be a threat to every top tier team in the world. Staying focused on the task at hand, this team can easily take a top 3 placing. Knowing Kaeyoh, he’s worked too hard to settle for top 3. If the saying is true, and everyone likes an underdog, we can expect this team to be a fan-favorite all the way through to the finals.