#3 Seed: Curse.NA

by User Not Found | Mar 05, 2013


  • Zapman (Captain)
  • PonPon
  • Sparks
  • ShadowQ
  • TheBest
  • Zerogarz (Substitute)

Polarizing figure, and the closest thing Smite has to a rebel, Curse’s Captain Zapman doesn’t care about you. Or me. Or anyone. Zapman cares strictly about the win. Which is why he’s not afraid of cutting ties, letting players loose, or changing his roster in a heartbeat.

But, while close to heartless, it’s a strategy that is paying off in spades. In their inaugural tournament, (Curse of the Gods Tournament; 2/24/13) Curse.NA proved their worth, finally breaking out of the top 5 placings that had plagued them, and secured a very convincing win. Beating MyRevenge.EU in semi-finals, and a crushing 2-0 victory of BLG.NA in the finals gave Curse the notoriety this hard-working team deserves.

With recent roster changes to add the (still fairly new to competitive play) ShadowQ, the team is stronger than ever. The addition of the ever-so-popular streamer PonPon, the team has been charging through the ranks, and earned themselves a sponsor with premier gaming team Curse!

The team, though, is volatile. Simple mistakes can cripple and have cost this team nary a few games-- in some cases, even tournaments. But we’ve seen this team perform at their best on multiple occasions, and if they can play to their strengths, this team is likely to walk home with a big, if not the biggest prize.