#2 Seed: Copenhagen Wolves

by User Not Found | Mar 05, 2013


  • Spooh (Captain)
  • Badgah
  • Sprayarn
  • Hyrrok
  • Lawbster (Substitute)

A few months ago, there was a high-profile tournament in Europe, ran by ESL. The only way to attend was to win a qualifier. Despite their rigorous practice and theory-crafting, Eat.Sleep.Gaming.EU was unable to secure a spot. Undeterred, ESG.EU kept at it, practicing hard, creating amazingly original strategies, and refusing to let other teams dictate the metagame.

Since then, ESG.EU went through a number of roster changes, and even more name changes. Now sponsored and called the Copenhagen Wolves, their dedication has placed them as not only a team to consider a threat or even the most dominant in Europe, but are hailed by some to be the best team in the entire world.

It all comes down to now. With a slew of first and second place finishes over the last few months, the Wolves have claimed their rightful place among the most feared teams in the world. Sprayarn, the team’s newest player, has filled the role of former mid player Lawbster with amazing success. Many top players considered the Wolves out of the running, as Lawbster was, to some, the backbone of the team. Lawbster’s brilliant game play led the way to many a win, but Sprayarn has been no slouch. Diligent practice, and a keen eye for adaptation, Spray’s addition to the team has been nothing less than perfect.

Coupled with Spooh and Hyrrok’s deadly roaming, YOUNGBAE’s ability to farm better than possibly any other player in the circuit, and Badger’s ability to control the flow of team fights, The Copenhagen Wolves could very easily walk away with first place, without ever dropping a single game.