The SMITE Odyssey - FAQ

by HiRez Drybear | Aug 20, 2014
Embark on the SMITE Odyssey and collect unique and exclusive items along the way! For more information, please visit the Odyssey page.

  • What is the Odyssey?

The SMITE Odyssey is a 21 week journey that will contribute to the prize pool for the SMITE World Championship. Every week a new piece of in-game content will be released. Purchasing this content will contribute a portion of its earnings to the SWC and every purchase earns players a FREE treasure chest roll. After purchasing 6/9/12/15/18/21 total items players will earn exclusive Odyssey bonus items!

  • Will all items in the Odyssey be a god skin?

No. There will be a variety of different items and exclusive bonuses in the Odyssey.

  • Will all items in the Odyssey cost the same?

No. Each item in the Odyssey will be priced according to its type of content.

  • What happens if I get an Odyssey item from a Treasure Chest roll?

Odyssey items will not be obtainable from the treasure chest.

  • What if I own everything that comes out of the Treasure Chest and I purchase an Odyssey item that earns me a Treasure Chest?

Buying an item from the Odyssey earns you a Treasure Chest Roll not an open chest. You can hold onto the treasure chest roll for as long as you want and at any point in the future, even in the next patch with new content, open it and get items.

  • Can I buy Odyssey items from a different week? For example, If it’s week 3 can I still buy the Mercury run.EXE Skin?

You will be able to buy any Odyssey item at any point during the Odyssey. New items will be released every week but we do not limit your ability to purchase other Odyssey items.

  • What happens to Odyssey items after the Odyssey is over and the SMITE World Championship is done?

The items that will be released every week that contribute to the prize pool will no longer be purchasable after the Odyssey is over. This means they will still be obtainable, but only through promotional means. The exclusive bonus items (earned after purchasing 6/9/12/15/18/21 items in the Odyssey) are unique in-game content items that are only for those that participated in the Odyssey. These bonus items will no longer be obtainable ever again once the Odyssey is complete.