E-Sports Tournaments for SMITE and Tribes: Ascend Coming To RTX 2013

by Hirez Maria | Jun 24, 2013

E-Sports Tournaments for SMITE and Tribes: Ascend Coming To RTX 2013

ATLANTA. Monday, June 24th, 2013. RTX 2013, the three-day event where gaming meets the Internet, will host walk-up play and live tournaments for the PC games SMITE and Tribes: Ascend.

Iron Gaming, who is launching their global competitive gaming network, will be showcasing both SMITE and Tribes: Ascend within their booth at RTX. The Iron Gaming network will allow players around the world to know where they rank up against the best gamers globally and establish a new media channel for competitive gaming content. Iron Gaming will also administer and sponsor e-sports competitions with prizes including merchandise and cash.

RTX 2013 will take place July 5th - 7th at the Austin Convention Center.

Weekend events and appearances include:

  • Tribes: Ascend floor competition of 2 vs 2 Arena for Game of The Year giveaways and T-shirts
  • SMITE floor competition of 5 vs 5 Conquest mode for God Packs and T-shirts
  • Meet & greet Hi-Rez Studios community team members including HiRezBart, HiRezAPC, HiRezDuke, and HiRezKelly
  • Play With Pros events allowing fans to play with and against professional SMITE players
  • “Evolution of eSports” Panel on Saturday July 6th at 2pm

Leading up to the main event:

  • A LAN competition between the top two professional SMITE teams within North America, Root vs Snipe, played live on the RTX Central Stage. The winning SMITE team will receive $2500 in cash with the runner-up receiving $1000.

About Iron Gaming

Iron Gaming has created a content network that will allow players and spectators find new content and watch live events like never before. Using our platform for ranking and scoring, competitive gamers worldwide will finally be able to know who the best gamer in the world really is. We will set the stage for competitive gaming and give players their chance to stand in the limelight. For more info visit us at www.irongaming.tv or at info@irongaming.tv

About Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios was established in 2005 to create exceptional online interactive entertainment. In 2010 the company released their first title, the squad-based shooter MMO Global Agenda. In April 2012 the company released the critically acclaimed Tribes: Ascend, billed as the World’s Fastest Shooter. Hi-Rez Studios is now developing the first 3D action MOBA game SMITE. For more info visit www.hirezstudios.com or contact press@hirezstudios.com.

About Rooster Teeth

Rooster Teeth is a creative production studio responsible for award-winning online videos such as Red vs. Blue, the longest running web series in history; the reality gamer series The Gauntlet; comedy series Rooster Teeth Shorts; the upcoming animated series RWBY; and Immersion, a show that tests video game concepts in the real world. Rooster Teeth founded and operates the gaming website AchievementHunter.com and produces the award-winning Rooster Teeth Podcast, voted Best Gaming Podcast at the 2012 Podcast Awards. With a dedicated worldwide fan community, Rooster Teeth created RTX (Rooster Teeth Expo), an annual gaming and Internet convention held in Austin, TX which attracts thousands of gamers, online video fans, and Rooster Teeth community members from around the world. The Rooster Teeth YouTube channel became the 8th most viewed YouTube channel in the world (non-music) in 2012, now with over 5 million YouTube subscribers and 2.2 billion views, and the Rooster Teeth website has 5 million unique monthly visitors with 1.4 million registered community members. Rooster Teeth has won multiple awards, including 2011 and 2012 Best Animated Series (Red vs. Blue) from the IAWTV, and has been featured by hundreds of major publications and networks including MTV, G4, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone Magazine, Wired Magazine, and many more.