Pro League Play-In Cup Preview

by HiRez Sock | Aug 01, 2014

With the SPL about to begin we are still searching for 2 more teams from each region to invite. After the open bracket tournament for Week 1 of the Play In's, there are 4 teams remaining from North American and Europe. It's now up to them to decide who makes it with two weeks of round robin play.

Play In Week 1 North American Recap

1st - Fat Chunk Assemble
2nd - Late Bloomers
3rd - Five Angry Men
4th - TORCH

Notable teams eliminated: Surreal Gaming, NonPockettyOP, OnCooldown

To everyone's surprise NonPockettyOP was eliminated by Late Bloomers in the round of 8, taking out their SPL dreams along the way. Fat Chunk Assemble also burst onto the scene by beating fan favorites Five Angry Men. Now these top 4 teams have a fresh start and will play each other over the next couple weeks. 

Play In Week 1 European Recap

1st - Walk It Off
2nd - HeroesNZeros
3rd - Agilitas
4th - Exposed Secrets

Notable teams eliminated: I I I I I

First seeded I I I I I takes a huge slip and falls to HeroesNZeros before reaching it to the final 4. This means that they are eliminated from SPL contention and must work their way through the Challengers Cup if they wish to go to worlds. However this means we have ANOTHER unknown EU team that could make a big splash in the scene. We'll see how it's going to play out in the coming weeks.


This is the round robin schedule for Week 2 and 3 of the Play Ins. Each team plays each other two times over the course of the Play Ins. The times are a rough estimate and not exact, but the order of the games are. If a game ends early we will continue the stream with the next game in order.

1) In case of a 2 way tie: 
     (a) Head to Head record
     (b) If a tie exists from (a), 1 tiebreaker game will be played, drafting order will be determined by a coin flip

2) In case of a 3 way tie:
     (a) The team with the fastest average victory time (only counting victories) between Week 2 and Week 3 of the Play-in's, will be awarded the top spot in the 3 way tie.
     (b) If a tie still exists in 2(a), the team with the fastest average time of completion (including both victories and defeats) between Week 2 and Week 3 of the Play-in's, will be awarded the top spot in the 3 way tie.
     (c) If a tie still exists after 2(a) and (b), a 3 way round robin will be played.
(d) When a tie has been concluded after 2(a), (b) or (c), a 2 way tie will then exist. Rules for a 2 way tie in section 1 will be used to determine the spot of the teams in the Play-ins.

3) In case of a 4 way tie:
     (a) A coin flip will determine 2 match-up's at which the 2 winners from these match up-s will advance into the Pro League whereas the 2 losers will join the Challengers Cup.
     (b) These match-up's will be played in a Best of 1 series.  The choice of drafting order will be determined by a flip coin


August 2nd: North American Play In's Week 2
August 3rd: European Play In's Week 2 
August 9th: $50,000 Kick Off LAN (Top 4 teams from qualifiers)
August 16th: North American Play In's Week 3
August 17th: European Play In's Week 3

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