Walk it Off gets picked up by Mortality eSports

by HiRez Dan | Aug 29, 2014

The SMITE Pro League is well underway and as each game passes more and more eSports organizations are taking a look into the competitive SMITE scene.  With that being said it is our pleasure to announce that Walk it Off, the top team out of the Pro League Play-ins, have officially been sponsored by Mortality eSports! Mortality had their own official announcement which can be found here.
Mortality must be happy with their pick up as the team has gone 2-0 so far here in the Pro League. Beating out big names like Team SoloMid and Cloud 9 HyperX. Their next match up will be against Team Coast.  Off to a very good start, we wish them the best in their Pro League path.  Lets take a look at who's who on Mortality.

Captain - dfrezzyy

Mid Lane - Fexes
Solo Lane - Psiyo
Jungle - iRaffer
Hunter - Moex
Guardian - dfrezzyy

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