Challenger Cup Essentials

by HiRez Dan | Aug 29, 2014

So You Wanna be a Smite Superstar?

Your first stop is the Challenger Cup.  Over the course of seven weeks (starting this weekend), teams will compete in an open entry single elimination tournament, fighting over seed points.  At the end of this play period, the two teams from each region with the most seed points will play against the bottom two teams of their respective regions’ SPL.  The winners of these contests will awarded those two SPL spots.  Anyone can make it, and it all starts in the Challenger Cup.

The Challenger Cup will start on August 30 2014, and conclude on October 12, 2014.

How to Sign up

The check-in period is the hour directly before the tournament:

12:00pm -12:45pm EDT on Saturdays for North America
5:00am - 5:45am on Sundays EDT for Europe

Checking in will require a player from each team to be connected to our teamspeak server (, no password) during those times, and will also require someone to stay connected for the entire duration of the tournament.  This is so that admin communication is swift and easy (game creation, pauses, etc).

Tournament Structure

This tournament will be a single elimination tournament for the entire length of the play period (seven weeks), and each tournament will conclude with a best of three finals match.

Seeding for the first week will be random.  The seeding for subsequent weeks will be determined by points; first seed will be the team with the most points, second seed will be the team with the second most points, etc.

If there is a tie in the points for seeding (ie. three teams have the same amount of points) these teams will be randomized amongst themselves to determine their position in the bracket.

Points will accumulate over the course of the entire seven week play period, and will be granted as such:

1st  place: 100 points
2nd place: 60 points
3rd place: 40 points
4th place: 25 points
5th-8th place: 10 points
Entry:  2 points

Teams will also earn a cash prize, with $1,000 being put up weekly.  Cash prizes will be distributed as such:

1st place: $500
2nd place: $350
3rd place: $150

Questions, Comments Concerns?

Full ruleset can be found here:

Any questions regarding the check in process, tournament structure, or anything else regarding the Challenger Cup can be directed to:

Thom“F.”Badinger: ||

NA Admins:

Steven“Cooper” ||

Joshua“Counterhelix” ||

EU Admins:

Steven“Cooper” ||

Firstname“iToffee” ||

We'd like to thank our Challenger Cup team for getting this post together Thank you F., Krett, and Hinduman