SPL Week 1 - A Closer Look

by HiRez Dan | Aug 25, 2014
The SMITE Pro League starts this Wednesday, August 27th and the 6 best teams from North America and Europe will start their 7 week journey fighting for a spot in our Regional Championships, the last LAN tournament before the SMITE World Championships.  With two games from each region every Wednesday through Sunday, each team will play each other on 4 separate occasions.  Rivalries old and new begin to come into the limelight and right from the start of game 1 this Wednesday we are bound for a season full of upsets, drama, tragedy and triumph.  Let's go over some of the match-ups to look out for here in Week 1.

Who: Cloud 9 HyperX vs SK Gaming
When: Wednesday 8/27 @ 1:30pm EDT/1930 CEST
Details:  This match-up is very significant for both Cloud 9 and SK for a few reasons.  At the EU Pro League Kick-Off LAN SK Gaming, fresh out of boot camp defeated top seed Cloud 9 and eventually went on to win the entire tournament.  After the LAN, Cloud 9 had some roster changes, having an almost completely new starting roster.  This game is very big for Cloud 9 because it will give fans and competitors a look at how the new roster stacks up against this newly confident SK Gaming.

Who: Team Dignitas vs Cognitive Red
When: Wednesday 8/27 @ 7:30pm EDT
Details:  At the NA Pro League Kick-Off LAN Cognitive Red surprised everyone not only by defeating their sister team, Cognitive Prime, but also, going on to defeat Team Dignitas in the Grand Finals, taking home 1st Place and LAN bragging rights.  In the weeks between the LAN and now Team Dignitas have had some roster changes of their own, having 3 completely new members on the starting roster.  This game will give us a look at how the new Team Dignitas stacks up against the competition, as well as how strong Cognitive Red looks, post-LAN.

 Who: Snipe vs Fat Chunk Assemble
When: Saturday 8/30 @ 3:00pm EDT (approx.)
Details: Snipe debuted their new jungler, Weak3n, at the NA Pro League Kickoff LAN. After placing 3rd/4th with a loss to Team Dignitas it will be interesting to see how Snipe handles the rest of the leagues teams with their newest addition.  Fat Chunk Assemble, the top team coming out of the NA Play-ins will see how their unconventional pics/bans and play style stack up against a well established Snipe.

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