Challengers Cup: Broadcast Team

by HiRez Dan | Aug 21, 2014

Today we are excited to announce the broadcast team for the Challenger’s Cup and some information about the future for some of your favorite SMITE esports and community members.

Challenger’s Cup Broadcast Team

Commentary and Production - Thom “F.” Badinger  

Commentary and Analysis - James “Krett” Horgan

Commentary and Community - Graham “Hinduman” Hadfield

Expanded Responsibilities

F. - Thom will be the lead North American commentator for the Challenger’s Cup and the external liaison for production of the Challenger’s Cup. We think Thom’s unique blend of pop culture references and game flow knowledge will be a great fit for the Challenger’s Cup.

Krett - James will be the co-commentator for both NA and EU. With his experience coaching teams from multiple regions, including China, James will bring his patented analysis (and love of bears) to the Challenger’s Cup.

Hinduman - Graham will be the lead European commentator for the Challenger’s Cup and taking on new responsibilities as the UK Regional Community Associate. In addition to his smooth commentary and delightful British accent, Graham will be donning the title of HiRezHinduman and representing the company at LANs and events in western Europe.

All three of these stand-out community members will be bringing you expanded content and coverage of both the SMITE Pro League and the Challenger’s Cup.