Competitive Player Infraction Issued: EMC²

by HiRez ESports | Aug 19, 2014
Organization: Five Angry Men
Player: emc²
Region: North America
Date of Ruling: 8/19/2014
Subject: Ban; Violation of ToS and Competition Rules - Cheating


Our cheat detection was able to identify illicit processes being run on the player's computer. We strongly feel that our professional players should be leaders in the community and are deeply disappointed in the ruling that we have to hand down today.

emc² ran known cheats 14 times over a 30 day period. 

The processes in question were not used, run or otherwise utilized during competition play and therefore the team will not have standings or wins stripped.


Permanently ban and bar from future competition, emc², formerly a member of Five Angry Men for violation of ToS/Competition Rules - Cheating.

Relevant Rules:
For further clarification on our cheating policy please consult 4.d of the Terms of Service and Section 3.1 and 4.6 of the official competition rules.

Rules violated:


(c) High standards are expected from every player competing at all times. Each player must follow the SMITE Terms of Service that he or she agreed to upon signing up for an account, including Item 12 (Online Rules of Conduct). Failure to abide by the SMITE Terms of Service may result in punitive measures, including but not limited to disqualification, suspension from future events, and/or termination of your account.

(d) Cheating is strictly prohibited. No player should be manipulating game files, using unapproved game modifications, or any other method by which one may gain an unfair advantage over another player.


(a) The following are considered unfair play:

(i) The use of any type of injector, cheat, map hack program, or any other third party program or device as further described in Sections 3.1(d).

(v) Violating the SMITE Terms of Service as further described in Section 3.1(c).