Challengers Cup - What you need to know

by HiRez Dan | Aug 19, 2014

The SMITE Challengers Cup will be a seven week, open tournament where any team excluding the teams in the Pro League, has the opportunity to sign up and compete.  North American teams will play on Saturday while European teams will play on Sundays.  Each week is a single elimination tournament with no limit to the amount of signups. Here, teams will compete for seeding points and a prize pool of $1,000 every week.

After the final week of the Challenger Cup (week 7), the top two teams from the Challenger Cup will face the bottom two teams from the Pro League in our Regional Wildcards. From there, only the top two teams from the Wildcards will advance to the Regional Championship LAN in November.  North American teams will be invited to Atlanta, Georgia and European teams will be invited to Cologne, Germany.

Only the top two teams from each regions Regional Championship LAN will advance to the biggest event in SMITE's history:  The SMITE World Championships. Teams competing in this tournament will have the chance to play for $600,000 plus any community contributions made throughout the remainder of the year.


Each week, teams in the Challengers Cup will earn seeding points. The points will be distributed as follows: 
          1st) 100 points
          2nd) 60 points
          3rd) 40 points
          4th) 25 points
          5th-8th) 10 points
          9th-16th) 4 points
          17th-32nd) 2 points


The SMITE Challengers Cup will be held every Saturday and Sunday, starting Saturday, August 30th and ending on Sunday, October 12th. The Challengers Cup will run simultaneously with the Pro League - 7 weeks in total.

North American Schedule:
                    Check-in's: 12:00pm (Noon) EDT
                    Tournament Start: 1:00pm EDT
                    Tournament Finals: Approximately 4:00pm EDT

European Schedule:
                    Check-in's: 5:00am EDT (11:00am CEST)
                    Tournament Start: 6:00am EDT (12:00pm (Noon) CEST)
                    Tournament Finals: Approximately 10:00am EDT (4:00pm CEST)


Signing up for the Challengers Cup is easy!
          - Download Teamspeak 3 -
          - Install Teamspeak 3 - Follow the installer instruction prompts.
          - Once installed, open up Teamspeak 3. Go to "Connections" on the menu bar and click "Connect".
          - Add the following credentials:
                    - Server address:
                    - Nickname: <your smite in-game name + team  your are representing>
                    - Server password: None. Leave this empty
      - Connect to the server. Once you're connected, go to your designated regions "Check-in Channel".
         - Once you're checked-in and approved by the admin, you may move down to the "Team Captain Lounge". You will use this channel for the remainder of the tournament to communicate with the admin with wins/losses, match ID's and any problems/pauses/questions.

All of this information can be found again here. As well as some FAQ's on signing in.
The SMITE Pro League will be held in both North American and European Regions. Broadcasts of the tournaments will be shown on our twitch channel To learn more about the Pro League, you can find more information here.