The Final 2 EU Pro League Teams

by HiRez ESports | Aug 17, 2014
The European Pro League Play-ins are over and we have final 2 teams who will be invited into the 1st season of the EU Pro League!

The Pro League is a 7 week season where all 6 teams within the league compete against each other on 4 separate days. Teams are given a schedule which starts on Wednesday, August 27 and lasts until October 12. These Pro League teams have 20 games to compete in and try to achieve the best Win/Loss record as possible. The top 4 teams advance to the November Regional Championship LAN whereas the bottom 2 need to redeem themselves and compete against the top 2 Challenger Cup teams in the Regional Wildcards.

But without further adieu, allow us to introduce the final 2 teams entering the Pro League!

Pro League Team #5: Walk It Off

Walk it off, formerly known as BloodyTech, has been through a few roster changes in the recent history, but that hasn't stopped them from being successful in the Play-ins. Coming out of the last week of the Play-ins with a 5W-1L record, they shown that they seem to be a strong contender in the Pro League.

They started off coming out of the 1st week of the Play-ins with 2-0 victory in the Grand Finals against Heroes N Zeroes and didn't stop there. Week 2 they finished their 3 games with all Wins and the 3rd week they only fell to Agilitas. With the addition of Psiyo to the roster, it'll be interesting how this team will play against the other top teams in the EU Pro League.

Pro League Team #6: Exposed Secrets

Exposed Secrets. We all know this team. These guys are all very well known in the EU pro scene as they all come from various teams that competed in the past. Here they are today, taking 2nd in the EU Pro League Play-ins and ready to take another stab at the teams in the Pro League.

They had a rough start in the 1st week of the Play-ins as they fell to Heroes N Zeros in the semi's and then to Agilitas in the bronze match. But after a week break, it seems like some team synergy was built between this roster and they were able to walk out of the final week of the Play-ins with a 4W-2L record. The biggest match for them was against Agilitas on the 3rd week, because the winner would be the team that would advance into the Pro League. After a long and strong fought game, Exposed Secrets was able to come out on top.

It'll be interesting to see how these pro vets compete against this titans in EU. We expect to see close games with game changing elements, but we won't know for sure until we start the Pro League up!

Once again, the Pro League begins Wednesday, August 27 and we will be broadcasting each and every game in both regions live on our official Twitch channel: Stay in tune with our eSports site for more announcements regarding the Pro League in the near future!