2 New Contenders Enter the NA Pro League!

by HiRez ESports | Aug 16, 2014
After the completion of the North American Pro League Play-ins this evening, we have found the last 2 teams who will be invited into the 1st season of the NA Pro League!

The Pro League is a 7 week season where all 6 teams within the league compete against each other on 4 separate days. Teams are given a schedule which starts on Wednesday, August 27 and lasts until October 12. These Pro League teams have 20 games to compete in and try to achieve the best Win/Loss record as possible. The top 4 teams advance to the November Regional Championship LAN whereas the bottom 2 need to redeem themselves and compete against the top 2 Challenger Cup teams in the Regional Wildcards.

But without further ado, allow us to introduce the final 2 teams entering the Pro League!

Pro League Team #5: Fat Chunks Assemble

Fat Chunks Assemble came into the Play-ins the 1st week as the team to beat. They weren't a known team throughout the length of the qualifiers, but they certainly put together a solid roster to compete with the rest of the other teams.

Fat chunk's roster has been nothing short of incredible during their games in the Play-ins. They came out of the 1st week with the #1 seed beating Five Angry Men in the semi-finals and Late Bloomers in the grand finals and then came out of the Round Robin portion with an undefeated record of 6 wins and 0 losses.

Now they must test their skill against the top teams in North America to see if they can get 1 step closer to the SMITE World Championship and the $600,000+ prize pool in January 2015. Do they have what it takes? At this rate, it seems like they do!

Pro League Team #6: Five Angry Men

Five Angry Men is a team that we're all very aware of, but recently seen some dramatic roster changes. With Wolfy (ex-SNIPE solo laner) as the leader, he has the knowledge and strength to carry a team through victory - which he has clearly shown in the past 2 weeks of the Play-in.

The 1st week was a little rough for Five Angry Men as they lost in the semi-finals, but still gained entry into the Round Robin portion of the Play-ins due to being in the top 4 of the brackets. Week 2 and 3 of the Play-ins, they were able to walk out with a 4 Win and 2 Loss record as they couldn't seem to find a win against the top team - Fat Chunk Assemble.

With all of these games now behind us and 2 weeks before we begin the Pro League, Five Angry Men have some homework to do in order to compete against these 5 other teams who are claimed to be the best in North America. But with a young roster like Five Angry Men's roster, they without have a doubt have the chance to compete with the rest in their 7 week season. Only time will tell!

Once again, the Pro League begins Wednesday, August 27 and we will be broadcasting each and every game in both regions live on our official Twitch channel: www.Twitch.tv/SmiteGame. Stay in tune with our eSports site for more announcements regarding the Pro League in the near future!