Pro League Play-ins - Final Week

by HiRez Dan | Aug 15, 2014
Hey everyone! Amidst all of the Regional LAN hype we've finally arrived at the determination point for our upcoming SMITE Pro League.  Four of the six teams in each region have already been established and this final week in the Pro League Play-ins will be crucial for teams fighting for those final two spots.  There are many advantages playing in the Pro League offers, one of which, is an elevated standard of game-play.  Getting accustomed to regular games with these professionals can give teams coming out of the play-ins the experience they'll need if they are to remain in the Pro League long enough to see the Regional Championships.  Lets take a look at who is already invited to the Pro League already and who is looking promising heading into the final week of the Play-ins.

North America

Cognitive Gaming, Team Dignitas, Snipe, and Cognitive Red have already earned their spot in the NA Pro League.  Looking at the Play-In's Fat Chunk Assemble is looking very strong heading into Week 3 after winning all of their match-ups last week. With a repeat of last week they'll have their work cut out for them in the big leagues.  The new Five Angry Men roster seems to be looking strong as well with a one win advantage over Late Bloomers heading into the final week. Torch suffered 3 loses in week 2 but its anyone's game and with all of the upsets from our Regional LAN we can't ever count on anyone being down and out.


Cloud 9 HyperX, Team SoloMid, Team Coast Blue, and SK Gaming have staked their claim in the EU Pro League.  In the EU Play-ins Walk it Off is in a similar spot that NA's Fat Chunks are, having won all of their match-ups in week 2.  Exposed Secrets has a one game advantage over Agilitas heading into week 3 and by no means would we count Agilitas out of this.  They've shown us strong composure in the past and with a couple wins this week, their dreams of the pro league may become reality.  HeroesnZeros have an uphill battle ahead of them, having lost their match-ups in week 2, they'll need to turn things around to give them a chance at a possible tiebreak scenario.

Catch all of the tournament broadcasts on our twitch channel! North American Play-in start this Saturday at 12:00pm EDT and European Play-in starts Sunday at 9:00am EDT. Shout us out on our twitter @SmitePro! We'd love to hear your feedback on how were doing, what you like best, or whatever's on your mind!