Player vs. Player! Comparing Zapman vs. Allied!

by Kevin Meier | Aug 08, 2014

Players always have different styles of play, even when playing the same god in the same role. Some like aggression and some like to play passive. Some play better in a certain situation and fall flat in another. Today we are going to compare Zapman from Team Dignitas and Allied from Snipe in their roles as hunters.

Hunters are known for being the most technically demanding role. From needing to land your In-Hand attacks to being very careful about positioning, the Hunter role forces players to master their mechanics. Before we begin comparing Zapman and Allied, let’s look at their stats from the season so far.

Zapman :

KDA : 3.47
Avg. Player Damage : 18491
Avg. Structure Damage : 4404
Avg. Damage Taken : 19042
GPM : 487

Allied :

KDA : 2.57
Avg. Player Damage : 16520
Avg. Structure Damage : 2813
Avg. Damage Taken : 16297
GPM : 453

Zapman is the king of aggression in the duo lane. He likes to play aggressive, make the big plays, and thrives in 1v1 scenarios and pushing. He surprises his opponents with this playstyle and tends to take a very early lead in most games. Even when he does get punished for this aggression early he continues to keep the pressure up by backdooring to the best of his ability, giving his team breathing room to get objectives done around the map. Late game he tends to ride off of his success in the early game, which can lead to some sloppy positioning. His late game suffers as a result, but he tends to be in such a lead he can afford it. Overall he is a massive threat that needs to be contained early on.

Allied tends to play games far differently from Zapman. Instead of looking to be hyper aggressive he uses his fantastic positioning and mechanics to bait people into bad spots before turning on them. His major strength is his late game teamfight where he always seems to be in the right place at the right time. This style synergizes well with the rest of his team that loves to play an aggressive game. If they don’t get their job done in the early game Allied has the potential to keep the team going in the late game, which is the main job of a hunter to begin with. His early game tends to be his struggling point. Allied doesn’t like trying to get an early lead, and instead focuses on farming and baiting bad fights which can leave him behind successful aggression from the enemy team. Overall though, his late game is a terror, and if he can get to that point, expect him to destroy an entire enemy team.

This weekend we will be seeing these two hunters face off in the first round of the NA $50,000 LAN Tournament to see which team currently holds the title of the best team in North America. Will Zapman choose to play more passive to allow more consistancy during the LAN? Will Allied turn up the aggression and surprise people with his early game? Tune in to live at 12:00 AM EDT / 1800 CEST on Saturday August 9th to see the exciting action!