What to Watch For at the NA $50,000 Kick Off LAN

by Kevin Meier | Aug 04, 2014

We finally made it all 10 weeks and closed out the Smite World Championship Qualifiers. With over 500 games played we determined the top 4 teams in each region! This Saturday August 9th the best of North America are competing against each other in the Kick Off LAN for $50,000. Old teammates and rivals are going to be meeting face to face before fighting it out in the Battleground of the Gods. You may find yourself asking what to watch for? We have you covered with a brief summary of each team and the difficulties they faced to get to this point.

Cognitive Gaming - 1st Seed

It was smooth sailing into the Launch Tournament for Cognitive Gaming. They finished the qualifiers an undefeated 8-0, but placed a disappointing 3rd after falling to Team Dignitas in the lower bracket finals. With Team Dignitas taking week 9 off they were able to secure 1st seed once again. COG only made one change before the qualifiers, and that was picking up former Denial Esports support JeffHindla. It took them a few weeks to get rolling with their new player, but he seems to of fit in nicely. The question is whether they can get their revenge on Team Dignitas? But first they must make it past their sister team, Cognitive Red. 

Qualifier Record:
1st: 4
2nd: 3
3rd: 3

Hunter - BaRRaCCuDDa
Support - JeffHindla
Mid Lane - MLCst3alth
Jungle - Andinster
Solo Lane - Omegatron

Opponent in Round 1: Cognitive Red

Team Dignitas - 2nd Seed

Team Dignitas is a team with a long standing history in Smite. They dominated the Smite competitive scene with the same roster for more than a year, coming in 2nd at the launch tournament. However that's all changing at the end of this Kick Off LAN. It was recently announced that their solo laner, Anatoliy, will be taking a step back to become the teams coach and sub. They are replacing him with Shing, Snipes current jungler, for the Smite Pro League. This will lead to an exciting round 1 match up between the two teams. Can Anatoliy perform to the best of his abilities knowing this could be his last LAN?

Qualifier Record:
1st: 4
2nd: 4
3rd: 1

​Hunter - Zapman
Support - Shadowq
Mid Lane - TheBest
Jungle - Lassiz
Solo Lane - Anatoliy

Opponent in Round 1: Snipe

Snipe - 3rd Seed

Snipe looked strong at the Launch Tournament. They took out Cloud 9, and then pushed Cognitive Gaming to the edge before blowing a massive lead. After that crushing defeat they lost every subsequent match before being eliminated in 5th/6th place. This season they looked to start fresh and have 3 new members since the Launch Tournament. KikiTheChunk was picked up in the middle of the qualifiers, and Weak3n just recently with Shing leaving after the LAN. They had a much better performance these qualifiers, making it to the finals 3 weeks and even securing 1st once. Snipe is going to have an interesting Round 1 match up, facing off against the team who took their Jungler. Can they keep their emotions in check and come out with the upset?

Qualifier Record:
1st: 1
2nd: 2
3rd: 3
4th: 3
5th-8th: 1

​Hunter - Allied
Support - Incontinentia
Mid Lane - Jerbie
Jungle - Shing
Solo Lane - KikiTheChunk
Sub: Weak3n

Opponent in Round 1: Team Dignitas

Cognitive Red - 4th Seed

Cognitive Red had a lot of potential when they debuted their lineup in week 1. Some believed their team was even going to be able to challenges the titans of North America, DIG and COG. They haven't been as strong as expected, and are the only SPL team between both regions that did not win at least 1 qualifying week. They never even made it to the finals. They were picked up in the middle of the season by Cognitive Gaming so both teams could pool their knowledge and have exclusive scrimmages. Immediately after that happened, Five Angry Men turned up their play and started closing the gap between 4th and 5th seed. They almost lost their SPL and Kick Off bid had Snipe not beaten FAM in the last weekend of qualifiers. Cognitive Red have a lot to prove if they want to be a top contender for the $50,000.

Qualifier Record:
3rd: 2
4th: 6
5th-8th: 2

​Hunter - Snoopy
Support - Eonic
Mid Lane - TheBoosh
Jungle - DaGarz
Solo Lane - Divios

Opponent in Round 1: Cognitive Gaming

Watch Twitch.tv/Smitegame live at 12:00 AM EDT / 1800 CEST on Saturday August 9th.

DON'T FORGET all these teams have been invited to the Smite Pro League which will run from August-October and feature the best 6 teams from each region facing off in weekly scheduled matches. The Play In Cup to determine which 2 teams will join these 4 is raging on right now and will be interlaced between our Kick Off LAN Tournaments.