NA Pro League Play-in's Week 2 - Recap

by HiRez ESports | Aug 04, 2014
The first ever SMITE Pro League is just around the corner.  A total of six teams from both North America and Europe will be competing in a round robin style tournament, over the course of seven weeks.  Four teams from each region have already been established and the remaining two will come from the Pro League Play-ins. This past weekend was the first week in the Play-in's very own two week round robin.  Let's take a look at what happened in North America over the weekend:

          Fat Chunk Assemble                        Five Angry Men
                            (3-0)                                             (2-1)

                 Late Bloomers                                   TORCH
                            (1-2)                                             (0-3)

As in Europe, the winning team from Week 1 of the Pro League Play-in's won every game in Week 2. That team was Fat Chunk Assemble.  This team proved this week they are the team to beat. Joined by djpernicus, a former Five Angry Men player, who absolutely dominated the jungle.  They started the day with a win over Five Angry Men before going on to continue their win streak against TORCH and Late Bloomers, ending the day 3-0.  Going into the final week this team is looking like a strong candidate for the NA SMITE Pro League.

Five Angry Men finished 2nd this week in the standings 2-1.  With an almost brand new starting roster, now headed by captain Wolfy2032, this team is looking very good heading into the final week. Only suffering a loss to Fat Chunks in their first game of the day.  In their matches against TORCH and Late Bloomers, Five Angry Men looked extremely competent and if they can keep this momentum up they may very well see a spot in the Pro League.

Late Bloomers had a great start to the day against TORCH, but were unable to follow through in their remaining games and they finished Week 1, 1-2. TORCH also had a rough start to this round robin going 0-3.  Despite these teams being down, if they can manage to come out on top in the final week, there is still hope they will see the Pro League.

The final week of the Pro League Play-ins will be held the weekend of August16th/17th. North America on Saturday, Europe on Sunday.   We'd love to hear your feedback on these events and our coverage! You can Tweet us at @SmitePro - and don't forget to follow us on our Twitch Channel - - for all of our tournament broadcasts.