EU Pro League Play-in's Week 2 Recap

by HiRez ESports | Aug 04, 2014
The first ever SMITE Pro League is just around the corner.  A total of six teams from both North America and Europe will be competing in a round robin style tournament, over the course of seven weeks.  Four teams from each region have already been established and the remaining two will come from the Pro League Play-ins. This past weekend was the first week in the Play-in's very own two week round robin.  Here's what went down in Europe during week 2:

                       Walk it Off                             Exposed Secrets
                            (3-0)                                             (2-1)

                         Agilitas                                    HeroesNZeros
                            (1-2)                                              (0-3)

After taking first place in week 1 of the Pro League Play-in's, it's no surprise that Walk it Off finished on top druing Week 2, (3-0). They were able to defeat all the other teams in the play-ins, starting with HeroesNZeroes, then Exposed Secrets, and ending with Agilitas.  Their unconventional play style had the rest of the teams guessing how to handle this diversified offense, often times coming up short while Walk it Off seized every opportunity given to them.  If Walk it Off can keep it up, there is a strong chance they'll see a spot in the Pro League.  But will their unorthodox methods pay off against the teams who have already secured their spot in the Pro League?  

Finishing Week 2 in 2nd place this week was Exposed Secrets beating out Agilitas and HeroesNZeros, only losing once to Walk it Off in the middle of the day.  Their game against Agilitas featured Xaliea on the rare Solobek, and it payed off for them.  The team finished with 23 total kills while Agilitas was only able to put out 6.  Going into the 3rd and final week Exposed Secrets will have to keep the pressure up if they are to get into the Pro League.

Agilitas suffered a couple tough loses this week against Walk it Off and Exposed Secrets.  The one win they were able to get was over HeroesNZeroes after they were DQ'd due to a combat pause early in the game.  Agilitas is still in a good position if they can turn things around in Week 3, they still have a fighting chance.

HeroesNZeros had a rough start to this round robin, falling to each team they played, with a DQ in their second game against Agilitas.  They have their work cut out for them if they're to earn a spot in the Pro League.

The final week of the Pro League Play-ins will be held the weekend of August16th/17th. North America on Saturday, Europe on Sunday.   We'd love to hear your feedback on these events and our coverage! You can Tweet us at @SmitePro - and don't forget to follow us on our Twitch Channel - - for all of our tournament broadcasts.