Cloud 9 HyperX's SPL Invite

by Kevin Meier | Aug 04, 2014


This past week a team we invited to play in the Smite Pro League, Cloud 9 HyperX, broke up. HiRez admins and tournament organizers discussed what to do and it was decided on to let the organization, Cloud 9, keep their SPL bid as long as they could field a full roster.

  • Cloud 9 members YOUNGBAE and EnQu formed a new team that was submitted and approved by Cloud 9 management.
  • These 5 players will be playing under Cloud 9 in the SPL: YOUNGBAE, EnQu, Emilitoo, Hyrrok and Optixx.
  • In the case of teams that are not held by organizations, we will extend invites with the following stipulations
    • One member of the team will be considered captain and owner, and that player will hold the invite for the team.
  • Similar rules used in the SWC Qualifiers will be used in the Challengers Cup
  • SPL invites are organization, not player, based and as such new rules will be in place and posted at a later date.

We wish all the teams in the SPL and Challengers Cup good luck, and expect to have some exciting matches!