Snipe Changing it Up

by Kevin Meier | Jul 30, 2014
By now, most everyone has learned of Shing's plan to take his talents to Team Dignitas' Solo Lane, but where does this leave Snipe? Since the launch tournament they've gone through a plethora of roster changes, however this one comes at the worst time. Right before the North American $50,000 Kick Off LAN and start of the SPL. Many questions were brought up over the rules on roster locks and hopefully this post will help explain what will be happening in the coming weeks.

Shing is both Snipes jungler and team captain, but was offered a spot to compete with Team Dignitas during the Smite Pro League while Anatoliy moves to a Coach/Sub role. Here is Anatoliy's statement on the matter:

 "On one hand it sucks for me as a competitive player to be replaced. However, I have no one to blame but myself as I have been under performing. it is in the best interest of the team to be on top of it's game at all times, especially with the NA regional playoffs approaching and world championship shortly after. I fully respect the team's decision to do this and understand that I have been under performing lately and do not wish to hold the team back as a result." - Anatoliy 

In the eyes of HiRez Admins, Shing is considered part of Snipe until the Kick Off LAN since he is currently roster locked. After the LAN, with a fresh league starting up, he is free to move to a new team such as Dignitas. This also means that Anatoliy will be competing until everything is finalized. Snipe has elected to bring Weak3n along as their sub for the LAN as he did not compete during the qualifiers and is eligible to play. Whether Shing or Weak3n will be jungling is entirely up to them. Either way, everyone will find out on Saturday, August 9th at! We wish luck to both Snipe and Dignitas in their upcoming rosters changes, and expect to see an exciting Smite Pro League!