NA Play-in Week 1 Spotlight - Fat Chunk Assemble

by HiRez ESports | Jul 25, 2014
In the few weeks remaining before the start of the Smite Pro League, between the Pro League Kickoff LANs lies the Pro League Play-ins.  A tournament being held to allow the rest of the competitive community a shot at playing in the Pro League this season.  We got a chance to sit down with the winners from Week 1 in North America and we are proud to bring you Fat Chunk Assemble in this weeks spotlight.


Week 1 - 1st Place

Team Roster and Positions:
Captain - Soulshiner

Solo - Cyclonespin
Mid - Hurriwind
Jungle - Soulshiner
Hunter - Samshrew
Guardian - Aror


You guys came out to the Play-ins and rocked the yard. I think everyone is curious as to where you came from. Can you give us a more indepth look into the team? (eg. IGN - positions, what brought you together, team captain, how long you have been a team and little tidbits about yourselves)
Hi we are the fat chunks. Our team name was inspired by the one and only Yflow. One of the things we do together is watch Zapmans stream. We love to push lanes hard without warding it is fun. We have been a team for 3 weeks. Our IGN's are Samshrew - Hunter Soulshiner - Jungle Cyclonespin - solo Hurriwind - Mid Aror - Support. Our team Captain is King of the jungle Soulshiner. one day we were in a game named smite. we all saw the secrets of the Yflow and it brought us together. Hurriwind came later from OnCoolDown after realizing the secrets of Yflow. Our subs consist of Tmoney and Chunkthelegend they are both ringers. Chunkthelegend is a legend a legend of his time a legend of the game the legend of the chunks.

You guys faced off against Five Angry Men in the Semi-Finals and worked that match hard, what was going through your head at the beginning and end of that game? 
At the start of the game we were thinking about buying 5 creeping curses and focus someone on there team down over and over in an invade situation. Then we got a call from the one and only Chunkthelegend and he gave us insight that inspired us to play with our big hearts. the game started out well it was like a Hawaiian roller coaster ride. at the end we were so happy to win we even cheered out loud in our mumble server.

What kind of practice schedule do you guys have?
We scrim every week at 7 est usually don't be afraid to ask us for a scrim the worst thing we can say to you is no.

I know you guys are excited to be in the Round-Robin for the pro-league play-in. Are you guys going make time for extra practice in preparation? 
We are going to practice hard and play hard and try to rock everyone's sandals off in the round robin.

Finally, any last thoughts?
I hope you enjoyed our answers. Yflow for life

As always a big thanks to Deamonmachine for getting these interviews together!