What to Watch For at the EU $50,000 Kick Off LAN

by Kevin Meier | Jul 24, 2014

We finally made it all 10 weeks and closed out the Smite World Championship Qualifiers. With over 500 games played we determined the top 4 teams in each region! This Saturday the 26th the best of Europe are competing against each other in the Kick Off LAN for $50,000. Old teammates and rivals are going to be meeting face to face before fighting it out in the Battleground of the Gods. You may find yourself asking what to watch for? We have you covered with a brief summary of each team and the difficulties they faced to get to this point.

Cloud 9 HyperX - 1st Seed

After a disappointing 5th-8th place finish at the Launch Tournament, Cloud 9 broke up. Only Suntouch and Psiyo remained from the original roster and were forced to rebuild from the ground up. It did NOT take them long. After Smek left for Team SoloMid, C9 picked up YOUNGBAE (in what was essentially a trade), enQu from SK Gaming, and moved their sub HalfDevil to a starting position. Cloud 9 won week 1 of the qualifiers and were a dominate force for the rest of the season. Their biggest problem wasn’t getting to the finals, but finishing it. Taking 1st only 3 times out of 8 appearances. Will Cloud 9 be able to close out, and how will YOUNGBAE and enQu fair against their old teammates in a LAN environment?

Qualifier Record:
1st: 3
2nd: 5
3rd: 1
5th-8th: 1

​Hunter - YOUNGBAE
Support - HalfDevil
Mid Lane - Psiyo
Jungle - Suntouch
Solo Lane - EnQu

Opponent in Round 1: SK Gaming

Team SoloMid - 2nd Seed

Team SoloMid came out of the Launch Tournament as victors, but in a surprising turn of events benched their Hunter YOUNGBAE. He eventually left the team after former Cloud 9 hunter, Smek, took his starting role. Many wondered if this wondered if this was the right move so soon after winning the Launch Tournament. TSM has a lot to prove after Cloud 9 trumped them in the qualifiers and the Kick Off LAN is the perfect place to do it.

Qualifier Record
1st: 4
2nd: 2
3rd: 3
5th-8th: 2

​Hunter - Smek
Support - Trixtank
Mid Lane - Lawbster
Jungle - QvoFred
Solo Lane - Gamehunter

Opponent in Round 1: Team Coast Blue

Team Coast Blue - 3rd Seed

For those who have not kept up, this is NOT the Team Coast Blue who placed at the bottom of the Launch Tournament. A team of ragtag ranked players calling themselves Worth Gaming came out of nowhere in Week 3, beating C9 and taking TSM to the first 3-game finals of the qualifiers before finishing 2nd. Then in week 4 they came out even stronger, taking 1st. During those weekends they were using their Sub, EmilZy, and have not found the same success since with PrincessTomato, but have been a consistent top 4 team. Team Coast Blue took notice and picked them up as the qualifiers were coming to an end. Their big 3 Shaggyshenk, Ninjabobat, and Korinyo have been a force to be reckoned with all season. The question is can PrincessTomato bring the success that EmilZy did?

Qualifier Record:
1st: 1
2nd: 1
3rd: 2
4th: 2
5th-8th: 2
9th-16th: 2

​Hunter - Shaggyshenk
Support - PrincessTomato
Mid Lane - Korinyo
Jungle - Ninjabobat
Solo Lane - Variety

Opponent in Round 1: Team SoloMid

SK Gaming - 4th Seed

Talk about a close call. SK Gaming finished a surprising 4th at the Launch Tournament, but had no success at the beginning of the qualifiers. After losing in the Round of 32 in Week 1, they had an uphill battle to climb with their seeding. They were beat by TSM in the Round of 8 for 5 straight weeks before breaking their curse and taking 1st in Week 7. They weren’t out of the woods yet though and had to face I I I I I in a tiebreaker match at the end of the qualifiers. They came out victorious and punched their ticket to the $50,000 Kick Off LAN. Now they face old rivals from the Launch Tournament, including their old Solo Laner, enQu. How will they fair in Round 1 against the team they poached one of their star players?

Qualifier Record:
1st: 1
3rd: 2
5th-8th: 6  
17th-32nd: 1

​Hunter - Realzx
Support - Badgah
Mid Lane - CaptainTwig
Jungle - Zyrhoes
Solo Lane - ManiaKK

Opponent in Round 1: Cloud 9 HyperX

Watch Twitch.tv/Smitegame live at 6:00 AM EDT / 12:00 PM CEST on the morning of Saturday July 26th.

DON'T FORGET all these teams have been invited to the Smite Pro League which will run from August-October and feature the best 6 teams from each region facing off in weekly scheduled matches. The Play In Cup to determine which 2 teams will join these 4 is raging on right now and will be interlaced between our Kick Off LAN Tournaments. Be sure to catch all this action on