By The Numbers: SWC Qualifiers Top Supports

by Kevin Meier | Jul 15, 2014
Last weekends tournament concludes the Smite World Championship Qualifiers, and with it we wrap up By The Numbers! By The Numbers will start with fresh statistics for both the Play-In and the Smite Pro League (SPL). Congratulations to all the teams and players that finished in the top 4 for their respective region, but were your favorites the best at the end of all 10 weeks? These were the top 6 Supports from both regions with a minimum of 26 games played, or those who made it to the semi-finals this week. 

Last week, Incontinentia and Trixtank were in a dead even tie for highest KDA. It was Incontinentia who put in the work, leading all supports in KDA during week 10, and securing his place at #1.

There was absolutely no way anyone was going to catch HalfDevil for damage mitigated. Just to make sure though, he averaged over 27,000 mitigation, securing #1.

While 2nd through 4th closed in on each other during the final weekend, no one was able to jump a spot and Shadowq holds firm for highest GPM of all supports at the end of the qualifiers.

With the conclusion of the qualifiers, By The Numbers will reset all statistics for the Play-In and the SPL. Make sure to join us for the Play-In over the next few weeks on Saturday 12pm EDT/1800 CEST and Sunday at 9am EDT/1500 CEST on