Week 10 Predictions

by Hirez APC | Jul 11, 2014
The last week of competition is upon us! This is the week where we find out who are the top 4 teams in each region. Those top 4 teams get invited to the Pro League Kickoff LAN as well as become the first 4 teams to play in the Pro League which starts later this summer.

Current Standings:

We have some intense match-ups lined up so this week was extra hard to predict. Here's how we see it all panning out.

                                    North America
Team Dignitas – The boy are back from RTX and ready to end the season on a high note. Competing in RTX cost them 1st place seed, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Team Dignitas will have a different roster of teams to compete against getting to the finals. They’ve been practicing hard all week and we expected Team Dignitas to net 1st place this week which will crown them championships of the qualifiers. 

Cognitive Gaming - Slipping into 1st seed Cognitive Gaming will certainly give Dignitas a run for their money this week. They’re also experiencing a different roster of teams on their journey to the finals. We expect Cognitive Gaming to finish out the season in 2nd place.

Snipe - They've had a stronghold on 3rd the entire season and will finish out the season as such. Snipe has been very consistent and improved greatly over the past 10 weeks. They’ll most likely be facing Five Angry Men in the bronze match up. 


Cloud 9 HyperX - It’s been a long journey. Despite underperforming in a few weeks of tournament play Cloud 9 has managed to keep the 1st place seed. They’ll battle against long time EU rival Team Solo Mid for the European crown. It’ll be a hotly contested match up that we look forward to watching.

Team SoloMid - If there was ever a time to chant TSM! TSM! TSM! it will be this weekend while they battle Cloud9 in the finals. We’ve seen roster changes, ups and downs, but through it all Team Solo Mid has persevered and come out better.

SK Gaming - This highly coveted and highly contested spot for 3rd place goes to Sk Gaming. They’ve been on fire recently and no information points to them slowing down at the end of the race. With teams inches away from each other SK Gaming will need to be flawless to ensure they net the 3rd place victory

                                Final Verdict
Especially in the European region, it's a shuffle on who will be the teams participating in the upcoming LANs in the next few weeks. We're excited to bring all of the action to you live. So be sure to tune into the action this Saturday starting at 12pmEDT/1800CEST and Sunday at 9am EDT/1500CEST on Twitch.tv/Smitegame.