By The Numbers: Top Solo Laners Week 9

by Kevin Meier | Jul 09, 2014
We are 9 weeks into the Smite World Championship Qualifiers, and every weekend the best players from across the world battle it out. By The Numbers takes a look at the top players statistics from each role across multiple categories. These are the top 6 Solo Laners from both regions with a minimum of 24 games played, or those who made it to the semi-finals this week. Remember that next weekend will be the last week of the SWC Qualifiers, and we will be able to see who performed the best.

Omegatron does a lot for Cognitive Gaming in their Week 9 victory, securing a 10.0 KDA and inching ever closer to surpassing ManiaKK for 2nd. Gamehunter has all but locked up the highest KDA of all Solo Laners with only 1 week left.

With Dignitas at RTX, Gamehunter was able to surpass Anatoliy after averaging 21,014 damage in week 9. Anatoliy will have to do a lot of work in week 10 of the qualifiers to reclaim #1.

With only 1 week left Gamehunter leading in GPM as well. Can he top all Solo Laner statistics at the end of next week? 

Only 1 week remains in the qualifiers as we make our way to the Smite World Championship in January 2015. Come watch all these players face off for money and a chance to compete on the world stage, every Saturday 12pm EDT/1800 CEST and Sunday at 9am EDT/1500 CEST on