Week 8 Regional Qualifier Predictions

by HiRez ESports | Jun 27, 2014
There are 3 weeks left in the Regional Qualifiers and boy do we have a fight for the top 4 spots. Especially in the European region, we've seen new teams reach the #1 spot. SK Gaming and Worth Gaming are all example of teams who have come from the bottom and worked their way up to be contenders. 

Check out the current standings and our predictions on the upcoming weekend tournament:

Current Standings:

                                    North America
Team Dignitas - Dignitas fought a tough series against Snipe last week. Shutting Zapman down impacted the performance of other team members. They’re still sitting at the top of the North American seed points chart by a hefty 140 points. We expect Dignitas to remain atop the standing and take back 1st place in this week’s tournament.

Cognitive Gaming - Cognitive was knocked out last week by a vicious Snipe Gaming. However, Cognitive now has a high level sister team, CognitiveRED, to practice with. This is certain to improve the gameplay of both teams. We expect to see Cognitive go into the final against Dignitas this week. 

Snipe - Social media blew up last week as Snipe took the 1st place victory over Team Dignitas. Incontinentia had an amazing couple of games and was instrumental in shutting down Zapman from Team Dignitas. Snipe gained some highly needed seed points to extend their lead over CognitiveRED. It’ll take more than one week of winning to change our predictions, but we’re hoping to see some disruption in the top North American standings. 

Cloud 9 - Facing a tough loss in last week’s tournament to SK Gaming, Cloud 9 is ready to bounce back to the first place spot. They continue to keep the top seed points by a hefty 105 points. Looking back to last year’s tournament series the community saw TSM vs C9 almost every week. This has not happened since Week #2 in this season. Cloud9 has proved to the community they mean business this qualifier season. Expect Cloud 9 to take 1st place in this week’s tournament. 

Agilitas - They continue to make a name for themselves each week in the European tournament series. 72 points from 3rd seed Worth Gaming, Agilitas needs to place well in a few tournaments to close the gap. Zindurn is performing very well and we expect to see Agilitas take 2nd in this week’s tournament. 

Worth Gaming - Worth has been a great addition to the competitive European scene. They’ve taken multiple tournaments from season 1 veterans. NinjaBoBat has been an incredibly powerful player for Worth Gaming, showing the community his 8-0 Thor against BloodyTech EU last week. We expect to see them take 3rd this week. 

                                Final Verdict
The qualifier series looks to be an incredibly exciting time for both competitive teams and Smite fans. As the competitive scene grows and teams mature we will see more diverse standings. In the off season we saw a plethora of roster changes, newly formed teams, and new strategies from the banning system. This qualifying season is shaping up to be the most exciting tournament series in Smite history.

Be sure to tune into the second week of action this Saturday starting at 12pmEDT/1800CEST and Sunday at 9am EDT/1500CEST on Twitch.tv/Smitegame