Regional Qualifier Power Rankings - Week 6

by HiRez ESports | Jun 20, 2014
It's Power Rankings time! Every Friday, we give our judges the time to evaluate the previous week of competition as well as their names individual potential in order to give them the rank that we feel is necessary. As mentioned in the previous 3 power ranking posts, we judge teams on the following criteria:
  • Overall tournament standings/results (Current standings in qualifiers)
  • Last weeks performance (Example: Higher ranked team barely beating a lower ranked team would give little to no points vs lower ranked team crushing a higher ranked team would give a lot of points)
  • Personal opinion on each team (How you feel the team has been performing)
  • Potential future performance (Based on your knowledge of the team and past performances, rank a team on how you think they will continue in the qualifiers)
Each judge is given 50 points to divvy out between each team for both the North American and European regions. By Thursday night, the forms must be sent in completely and from there, we evaluate each judgement and average it out in order to get the rankings you are about to see for each region.

North America

Rank 1 - Team Dignitas

Team Dignitas has been the most consistent team in the tournament series thus far. Weeks 3 and 4 they dropped down to 2nd place to Cognitive Gaming, but since then, they were able to bounce back to the 1st place spot and have been holding on to it ever since.

Though the team had a week off in the beginning of the month as they traveled across the world to play in Shanghai, jet lag didn't stop them from obtaining 1st place in Week 6. Now, with Week 7 starting up in 24 hours, we feel the team is in a great spot to continue their dominance in the North American region. It's not going to be easy for them as the scene is growing in skill by the day, but we feel confident that Dignitas will show up strong this weekend.

Rank 2 - COGnitive Gaming

COG has had a bumpy road throughout the tournament series. They've been in the top 2 spots for the majority of the qualifiers, but there were a couple of weeks where they have been upset in the semi-finals. With that said, it's tough to put COG over Team Dignitas for Rank 1 in the Power Rankings, but it's easy for us to give them the 2nd spot. Both Dig and COG are easily the best teams in the North American region and their points certainly show that. We won't be surprised if COG makes it to the finals and takes down Team Dignitas, but we don't expect them to maintain 1st place at the end of the qualifiers. 

Rank 3 - Cognitive Red (Formerly The Game Changers)

The Rank 3 spots was a big toss up between Cognitive Red and SNIPE. After looking through the comments and points, Cognitive Red had the slight advantage which is why we're giving them the 3rd spot. The main reasons for this was due to 2 reasons: The recent sponsorship giving the team high moral and the condition at which the SNIPE roster is at. Let's go into that a little bit more.

With the recent pickup the former "Game Changers" just received from Cognitive Gaming was, we feel, a very positive motivator for these guys. It's a first time these players have been sponsored in SMITE and we can only imagine how serious these guys must be about their performance this weekend under the new tag. It's actually quite scary how much they must be practicing for Week 7

The other point we mentioned was how unstable the SNIPE roster is right now. Though the players they picked up are actually quite good and may be the right replacements for their previous members Wolfy and Jerbie, we feel they aren't a well oiled machine quite yet. Give them a couple more weeks and we can see SNIPE coming back into the top 3. Who knows, maybe they'll strike back when it matters and advance into the top 2 of the Regional LAN coming up.

Rank 4 - SNIPE
Rank 5 - Five Angry Men
Rank 6 - Critasaurus
Rank 7 - ReturN
Rank 8 - A Mighty Storm
Rank 9 - Resist Gaming
Rank 10 - Torch


Rank 1 - Cloud 9 HyperX

The EU scene has very, very interesting this year so far. We've seen at least 4 different teams in 6 weeks take the 1st place spot which is something we haven't seen in any SMITE tournament series in the past. The amount of competition is fierce on that side of the Atlantic. But on top of them all, we feel Cloud 9 HyperX is the most dominant team. They've been very consistent throughout these 6 weeks at which they have made it to the Grand Finals 5 out of 6 weeks - the most in the EU tournament series. This roster is very stable and continues to put on a great show no matter the situation. They come to play each and every week. We expect them to come out of the qualifiers as the #1 seed.

Rank 2 - Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid has been up and down throughout the tournament series. They've place in 1st place a couple of times as well as placing in 5-8th in the past. Nonetheless, this team is still one of the strongest teams in the world. They are a very tight knit team with plenty of experience in the tournament series and that's something more than most of the other European teams can say. To us, that means a lot in the qualifiers. On the contrary, these new teams in the tournament have been more than impressive. They've been out performing some of the best teams out there, but we're not yet ready to give them a top 2 spot here on the Power Rankings.

Rank 3 - Worth Gaming

This was a tough one. The battle for the #3 and #4 spot in the SWC Qualifiers are very vulnerable. Worth Gaming, i5 and Agilitas are 3 teams who have been upsetting a lot of the top, veteran teams and it's hard to discredit them. But after tallying in the votes from our judges, we've come to the conclusion that Worth Gaming is the rank 3 team in our Power Rankings. Simply put, they seem much more experienced as a team roster and we feel that their momentum forward has been nothing but a positive progression. We look forward to seeing how things play out in Week 7

Rank 4 - I I I I I
Rank 5 - Agilitas
Rank 6 - Elo Fishers
Rank 7 - Cluelessness
Rank 8 - Exposed Secrets
Rank 9 - SK Gaming
Rank 10 - Optimum eSports

As always, stay tuned next week when we reevaluate our rankings based on the same criteria. The weekly tournaments happen every Saturday at 12:00pm EDT and Sunday at 9:00am EDT on the one and only