EU Regional Qualifiers Week 6 - Recap

by HiRez ESports | Jun 16, 2014
EU HYPE!  This Region continues to blow us away each and every week, with underdog upsets around every corner, the remaining 4 Weeks are going to be crucial in determining who will secure their spot at the Regional LAN.  Back in full swing lets take a look at what happened in the European Week 6 Regional Qualifiers.

       Agilitas                     Cloud 9                 Team SoloMid
           1st                            2nd                             3rd

This weeks Regional Qualifiers can be summed up in one word:  AGILITAS.  This team blew everyone away taking 1st Place for the 1st time since the qualifiers started.  Having what may have been the hardest bracket to get through out of any team, Agilitas not only pushed into the semi-finals for the 1st time, but took home 1st Place as well.  These guys beat 3 seed Worth Gaming in the quarter-finals before beating 2 seed Team SoloMid in the semi's.  Losing in the 1st game of the Grand Finals to top seed Cloud 9, only to turn it around with two wins, the second stronger than the first, we may have a new team to worry about here in the EU scene.  This week was huge for Agilitas putting them only opts behind 4th seed IIIII.  With stellar performances by jungler Zindurn and Solo Laner Confrey,as well as the rest of the team, this is definitely a team to look out for in the future.

We also want to highlight the somewhat stagnant performance of our top 3 and 4 teams, Worth Gaming and IIIII.   With these teams not playing as strong as they have in previous weeks, it really opens up the opportunity for other teams such as Agilitas, or Bloodytech, to creep in and take those spots from underneath them.  This is something all of these teams want to keep in mind with about 100pts difference between the number 3 and number 6 team, who will land in the top 4 is anybody's game at this point.

With all of the ups and downs that the European competitive scene is full of, make sure you're there each week to watch all of your favorite teams.  To make sure were providing you, the viewer, with the best experience possible make sure to let us know how we can improve our coverage of SMITE eSports.  Tweet us at @SmitePro and be sure to follow our twitch channel - - for all of our tournament broadcasts.