NA Week 5 Team Spotlight - Five Angry Men

by HiRez ESports | Jun 11, 2014
Finally making their way out of the Round of 8 to eventually take 2nd Place, with a huge win over 2nd Seed COGnitive Gaming in last weeks Regional Qualifiers, we a proud to bring you this weeks NA Week 5 Team Spotlight with Five Angry Men!  During the week DeamonMachine got a chance to sit down and discuss some of the things surrounding their improving success.
Here's what they had to say:


                                          Week 1 - 9th-16th Place
                                           Week 2 - 5th-8th Place
                                           Week 3 - 5th-8th Place
                                           Week 4 - 5th-8th Place
                                             Week 5 - 2nd Place

                           Team Roster and Positions:
                                          Hunter - Madmanmarc22
                                          Support -PainDeViande
                                                Solo - Rushed
                                             Mid - Macetodaface
                                            Jungle - Djpernicus


Why did you guys decide to leave Denial Esports and become Five Angry Men?
After separating with two members and not gaining anything particularly from being on Denial, we decided it'd be better to focus on the team rather than on playing for some organization.

After a rough start this season, loosing JeffHindla and PonPon, how did that change the remaining roster and their attitudes towards competitive smite?
It's really hard finding good players to play on the Pro Level.  After Daretocare was supposed to join us (but decided to quit Smite for a while), we'd had a really hard time finding a decent ADC.  We'd been looking into multiple high ranked ELO players, and in the end decided to go with Marc.  Obviously he is not a "star player" as some would say, but he gets the job done and, besides, who would actually be considered a "star player" on this roster?  Another sad event occurred when we had to find a new jungler.  Fortunately, Djpernicus was available following the DownToFrag breakup, which really ended up well timed for us.

You guys have been quickly improving, what kind of practice regime does the team have?
We usually have to deal with Marc's IRL schedule, since he's a younger member of our team and has a lot of sport stuff to cope with.  We try to scrim about 2 to 3 hours a day from Monday through Friday against the other top teams.

You guys made it to the finals in week 5 taking out COGnitive Gaming and giving Team Dignitas a run for their money, give me your thoughts about that week.  What made week 5 your week to shine?
Actually, instinct made that week.  We'd had a very poor amount of practice that week with school ending and schedule mix-ups from the players.  We played the Snipe game with probably more stress than we should have, but ended up winning.  The results after were sort of irrelevant to us, as we had broken the "eliminated in Round of 8" curse from Denial.  This caused us to play significantly better as we didn't have the stress of performing as hard as for the Ro8 game for the following games.

Any Sponsors on the horizon?
We've been approached already, but would rather keep any information for ourselves as we're mostly focused on getting better at the moment.

Lastly, do you have any other comments or thoughts you'd like to share with the readers and fans about Five Angry Men?
Five Angry Men is the work of top ranked and pro players forming a team to stand against the current top teams.  Obviously, being a new team and also being formed of members that are not necessarily in their comfort zone yet (Pain being newly swapped to Support vs all the other supports having played for almost a year in said role, Marc being drafted from ranked to play in organized games vs all the other ADCs that have been on stable teams for about half a year now excluding TGC) means that FAM will be inconsistent for a long period of time.  It's hard to adapt to new patches and new content when your roster has barely played within itself excluding ranked and the likes.  The only actual synergy that's left is Mace and Rushed, since they're in the same position since the roster swap.  In the end, being a threat to Dignitas and beating COG/Snipe in a tournament with about an evening of practice means that there's enough raw talent on Five Angry Men to take the #1 spot.  How long it will take, though, is another story.  But it will. In due time.

We'd also like to remind any Smite player (or Smite fan for that purpose) that there shouldn't be such a thing as hateful sportsmanship.  Rivalries between teams aren't made so that Dignifan can tell Cognifan how bad he things Cog is.  They're made so that Dignifan can cheer for Dignitas and so that Cognifan can cheer for Cognitive with the tension of not knowing who'll win this time!  The same goes for every team and for their respective fans.  If you think we play or played well and would like to support us, cheer for us.  Don't tell another team on Smitegame chat or anywhere else how much you think they resemble fecal wastes or how much sexual intercourse they have with maternal figures simply because they've beaten your favorite team. :)

Also Isis is indeed Mace's favorite god and Rushed can only play Vamana.