4v4 Siege Tournament - NA Recap

by HiRez ESports | Jun 10, 2014
Taking a break from the Regional Qualifiers set to resume this Saturday we found ourselves deep in the Mayan ruins for some hot 4v4 Siege action!  With a $1000 prize pool for the taking, lets take a look at some of the finer points from our weekends tournament.

COGnitive Gaming     The Game Changers   Fat Chunks Assemble
             1st                                  2nd                                 3rd

First, we want to thank all of our teams that came out and filled up our 64 team bracket making this a long and winding road to the finals.  A long and winding road that ended with two of our top teams from the NA Regional Qualifiers: COGnitive Gaming and The Game Changers.  The Game Changers with a lot of strong performances with gods like Thor, He Bo, Kali, Chang'e, and Hun Batz leading up to the finals didn't seem to get the same team composition when they battled COGnitive Gaming for 1st place.  COGnitive's BaRRaCCuDDa showing off his wide Hunter skill set, picking up Cupid in the finals, yes, Cupid!  A God we haven't seen too much of in competitive play.  COGnitive Gaming, who've taken 1st place in not only Conquest Tournaments, but Arena as well, prove yet again that no matter what the game type, they are ready to play on that top tier level.

Another honorable mention goes to team Fat Chunks Assemble winning the Bronze match over 6th seed in the NA Regional Qualifiers Critasaurus.  All of this of course, after what may have been the closest match from the entire weekend between them and The Game Changers in a last second loss from a failed Titan push with Nu Wa.  Fat Chunk Assembles Aror really utilized a strong Fenrir support almost throughout the entire tournament proving that what's viable in Conquest might not be the best choice in the Mayan Siege Battleground.  

As always we'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions on our Siege Gametype while it's still in BETA so we can continue to bring you the most enjoyable experience possible.  Tweet us at @SmitePro and tell us what you think.  Remember to follow us on our Twitch channel - www.Twitch.tv/SmiteGame - to catch all of our tournament broadcasts and more!