4v4 Siege Tournament - EU Recap

by HiRez ESports | Jun 10, 2014
With the Regional Qualifiers on a one week hiatus due to the Shanghai Showmatch we turned to a different spin on competitive play in this weekends 4v4 Siege Tournament.  With 60 of the 64 available spots being filled, the Mayan Siege Battleground has seen some bloodshed like never before.  A big thanks to all the teams that competed to make this tournament possible, lets take a look at what went down.

     Worth Gaming                Cluelessness                     IIII
             1st                             2nd                          3rd

A big shout out to this weeks 4v4 Siege Tournament Champions Worth Gaming continuing to show their dominance here in the European competitive scene.  Beating big name teams once again like EloFisherS, IIIII, and the BloodyTech players that made up Cluelessness, Worth Gaming shows us again and again that they are here to stay.  With a different team composition almost every game not only do they prove how knowledgeable they are of the game, but how consistent they can be between switching up these roles.  Team Cluelessness with a well fought and well deserved 2nd place with a couple big wins in the tournament including a win over Cloud NEIN a team comprised of members of TSM and Cloud 9.

We also want to mention IIII for taking the Bronze match over Cloud NEIN to finish 3rd.  IIII's Lloydy took Janus out into competitive play with a very strong win over SK gaming, but couldnt make it happen against Tournament Champions, Worth Gaming in the Semifinals.  

Again a big thanks to everyone that came out to compete and spectate, and as always we want to hear your feedback!  Like something? Tell us about it! Don't like something! Yell at us!  Tweets are always welcome at @SmitePro and dont forget to follow us on our Twitch Channel - www.Twitch.tv/SmiteGame - to catch all of our tournament action and more.