By The Numbers: Top Junglers Week 5

by HiRez ESports | Jun 06, 2014
I hope everyone's been warding again, because the top Junglers from across the Smite World Championship Qualifiers have been ganking. By The Numbers will show which of these players are doing the best statistically with a minimum of 12 games played.

Kill Death Assist Ratio

Cognitive Gaming's very own Andinster still has the most kills in the entire world with 208. He is actually the only player to have more than 200 kills and leads his closest competitor, Lassiz, by 39 kills. With Worth Gaming also becoming a dominant force in Europe, NinjaBobat comes in at number 6.

Player Damage

Andinster isn't just stealing kills from his teammates either, he's doing the most damage of any jungler after 5 weeks of play. With TORCH players no longer having the required games, Djpernicus, the new jungler for Five Angry Men came out to play in SWC Week 5. He now sits at 6th.

Gold Per Minute

Andinster. Andinster. Andinster. This jungler is the first player in the world to top his role in all statistical categories. Increasing his GPM last week, he now comes in as one of the more efficient gold farmers in the word.

Can Andinster keep up the trend as one of the most dominant players to ever grace Smite? With a break in the Smite World Championship Qualifiers this weekend, you'll have to find out on June 14th! Games start on Saturday at 12pm EDT/1800 CEST and Sunday at 9am EDT/1500 CEST on