By The Numbers: Tops Mids Week 5

by HiRez ESports | Jun 05, 2014
It's time once again to check out the best of the best from the Mid Laners from across the world. By The Numbers shows you the top 6 players from across the SWC after week 5 with a minimum of 12 games played.

Kill Death Assist Ratio

This past weekend Five Angry Men broke out, beating out COGnitive in the semi-finals before falling to Team Dignitas in the finals. 5AM's mid, Macetodaface, still sits with the highest KDA in North America after facing off against its two best teams. Psiyo appears as the only European mid player to appear in the top 6.

Player Damage

Fexez of the other breakout team this past weekend, BloodyTech EU, tops all players across the world in player damage with 19,016. Macetodaface also comes in 6th with PrettyPriMe no longer having the number of qualifying games.

Gold Per Minute

Lawbster did not play this past weekend, but no player was able to increase their GPM to beat him. The rest of the top 6 has little movement, with the exception of TheBoosh now coming in at number 6.

There will be no tournament next weekend while the East vs. West Showmatch is going on in China, but the SWC will resume on June 14th. Check out all the action every Saturday at 12PM EDT/1800 CEST and Sunday at 9am EDT/1500 CEST on